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Nordic Aluminium was founded as Nokia Aluminium in 1962. Lighting tracks were manufactured under Nokia’s brand up until 1996 when Nordic Aluminium got its current name. Lival has been a majority owner of Nordic Aluminium since the early 2000’s, and collaboration between the two companies has matured to become a perfect combination in the professional lighting field.

Nordic Aluminium today: Innovative Complete Solutions

Thanks to strong expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative tracks, adapters and accessories, Nordic Aluminium today has a position as a globally leading manufacturer. We provide our customers with unique global tracks and track adaptors that together with Lival´s projectors, downlights and linear fixtures form a seamless ecosystem. Our highly automated, state of the art factories help us match customer demand at all times and guarantee, that we can manufacture and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of electrotechnical solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Nordic Aluminium tomorrow: Setting the Standard

By combining our current competencies and expertise, there are no limits to what we can achieve. The next step for us is to shape the future of the industry with constant development and by making use of the latest technological advancements.

To meet universal quality and technological standards also in the future, we invent, design and manufacture cutting-edge technology by utilizing the newest innovations, such as energy efficient drivers.

With sustainable pricing strategy, we want to make high-end tracks, adapters and accessories more affordable. Globally saleable innovations and cutting-edge technology such as the imbedded electronic PCB help us offer an excellent balance between cost and performance.

To keep Nordic Aluminium brand globally competitive we are ready to utilize both predominant as well as predicted technologies. Aligned investments also have a significant role in our future.

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3-Phasen Multi Adapter
Adapter GA69 Global Pro Trac
available colours
MULTI AdapterTM – 6 A, 250 V, Safety class I – Max. pull strength 50 N – Max. torque 2.5 Nm – To be used with stranded wire 0.5 ...1 mm2
€9.99 *
3 Phasen-Aufbauschiene, aluminium
Global Trac Pro 3-phase track
available colours
GLOBAL Trac Pro is the most sold three-circuit lighting track system in the world. It is the quality choice of professionals and lighting manufacturers. Long experience and 100% quality assurance ensure problem-free operation. Diverse...
From €22.00 *
3-Phasen-Aufbau Endkappe
End-cap Global Pro Trac
available colours
€1.99 *
Biegemaschine für 3-Phasen-Aufbau
Bending tool Global Pro Trac
This item is only needed for the global rails to bend the ladder again after shortening ( sawing ) of the rail. For Eutrac, LTS, SLV, RZB and Ivela no bending tool is necessary !
€9.95 *
Schnell Montagehalter standard, weiß
Trac clamp SKB 12 Global Pro Trac
available colours
€1.90 *
3-Phasen L-Verbinder,weiß, Erdung außen
L-connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€22.00 *
3-Phasen Einspeiser
End-feed Global Pro Trac
available colours
€9.00 *
3-Phasen Längsverbinder silber, Global Pro
Straight-connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€6.25 *
3-Phasen Flex-Verbinder
Flexible-Connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€34.00 *
3-Phasen, X-Verbinder
X-connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€39.00 *
3-Phasen, T-Verbinder
T-Connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€30.00 *
3-Phasen Mittel Einspeisung
I-Connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€20.00 *
3-Phasen Eck-Verbinder(einstellber), grau
Adjustable corner-connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€29.00 *
Steckdose für 3-Phasen Adapter, grau
Adapter connector Global Pro Trac
available colours
€29.00 *
Stoßstellenverbinder weiss Global Pro
Track clamp SKB 18 Global Pro Trac
available colours
€9.00 *
Drahtseilabhängung incl. Befestigungsklammer für Global Pro Schiene
Suspension-Set for Global Pro Trac
available colours
Wire Suspension set SPW 12SK in different colours and lengths
From €13.00 *